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Love Actually Experience


Our 'Love Actually Experience’ has been performed numerous times for various brides over the last eight years and recreates the romantic ‘Magical Moment’ of the famous wedding scene from the film ‘LOVE ACTUALLY’. This unique and romantic form of wedding singers is now available in Perth and the main areas of WA.

We usually arrive at the church / wedding venue about 1 hour before the ceremony to set up the discreet sound equipment and to check over any final details with the minister or celebrant etc. 

Our professional secret singers then pretend to be members of your wedding party along with your other guests. We will either sit together at the back of the church / venue or, if possible, up on a balcony area if the church / venue has one. 

For the stunning garden / beach weddings of WA we adapt to suit the occasion. 

The 'Love Actually Experience' team always liaise with your minister or celebrant so that everyone knows what we do and how we do it. To help you , we are happy to play any music for your guests while they wait for your arrival. At a given signal from the celebrant we play your chosen entrance music and fade it gently as you arrive reach the front. During the signing of the register we will again play your chosen music.

If required we have extra radio microphones that the celebrant may use.

When the service is over & you are about to walk down the aisle we suddenly play the backing track of ‘All you need is Love’ ( as per the famous scene from the film)... and stand one by one to sing!. The reaction is always the same...fabulous!

We then continue with a choice of songs to cover the time taken for your guests to leave the ceremony. 

Some of the most popular songs chosen are ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered‘, Songbird and ‘Make You Feel My Love’ . 

Since  the 'Royal Wedding we have certainly seen a great increase in demands for 'Stand By Me' ...and that is certainly now firmly in our list of available songs!.

We are able to offer brides our special 'Love Actually Experience' combined with our 'Bravo Singing Waiters' package for a totally unique package.

Our team are also able to offer live music / bands or DJ's for the evening.

We now have a dedicated website for our Love Actually Experience: please click this link to visit it

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